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  Axial Type Rectifier Diode
  Surface Mount Device (SMD) Type Diode
  Power Rectifier Diode
  Bridge Rectifier Diode
  ZENER Diode
  TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) Diode
  Case Style & Outline(Package Dimension)
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Suzhou trust locates in the Yangtze River Delta which is one of the most developed areas in China, we specializes in the manufacture , research, development and sale of wide range of diodes, and til now we have established long and stable relationship with many prestigious companies around the world, like Samsung, LG,,Panasonic¡­

We own the state-of-art machineries and testing methods and are attaching importance to investing on the research and development of the products and its tech related to enhance the quality control strictly and production processes all the time; among our employees, technology-oriented key staff takes up 30%. Our main products include General purpose rcctifiers,Fast recovery,High efficiency rectifiers,Super fast rectifiers(OJ and GPP type),Schottky barrier rectifiers,Zener diodes,Fast switching diodes,TVS,Bridge rcctifiers,Surface mount GENERAL FR HER SF SKY TVS rectifiers, we gain the very good credits from our customers.

With regards to the market development, Suzhou trust dedicates to cooperating with the well-known international semi-conductor manufacturers to expand our products in the international market, 70% of our products are exported to other countries, now we have set up deals with some of the companies which are at the top the field and exported our products to South Korea, India and Singapore ect new markets, our key accounts include Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Osram¡¢Perfect science and so on.




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